5 Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Asthma and Allergies

Ultrasonic diffuser is an electronic device which breaks up the mixture of water & essential oil into infinite micro-particles. It then diffuses an aromatic fine mist into the air to activate the therapeutic benefits for the users. Many of these devices are equipped with timer settings as well as the option to experience its soothing […]

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7 Best Portable HandHeld Nebulizer For Asthma Sufferers Who Travel A Lot

Nebulizers are an essential for asthma patients, but not many know about the history of this path-breaking device. It was in early 1858 when the first powered inhaler i.e. nebulizer was invented. French scientist Sales-Girons is credited with this mind blowing invention which helped treat Asthma patients. This nebulizer was a rough version which was […]

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