Can Hay Fever Cause Asthma?

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis is considered as a common condition which presents the signs similar to cold with congestion, sneezing, sinus pressure and runny or blocked nose. Hay fever is mainly caused due to the allergens and airborne substances like pollen, but not like cold that is caused by spread of virus. […]

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Is Running Good For Asthma: 7 Safety Tips for Runners

It is very inconvenient and frustrating for athletes, when they find that they are suffering from breathing problems which may or may not be asthma. In many cases athletes or runners think that they have asthma, but in many cases it is not the actual problem. So, before you take any further step in treating […]

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Atopic Vs Nonatopic Asthma: The Difference and Best Treatment Options

Atopy or an atopic syndrome is defined as an individual’s tendency to suffer from certain allergic conditions when they get in contact with type of allergens that are usually harmless for others. For an atopic individual (who is hypersensitive to allergens) suffering usually start with skin reactions like eczema which may sometimes accompany conditions such as […]

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