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Is Snoring (Or Problems Like Sleep Apnea) A Sign Of Asthma?

Sleep apnea is a major sleeping disorder or syndrome wherein you shortfall of breath for almost 10 seconds or even longer while sleeping. This period or reduction in breathe can cause a reduced inflow of air into your lungs. This pause in breathing can cause lower oxygen levels in your blood causing you to wake […]

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Nocturnal Asthma Symptoms: Prevention Tips and Remedies

About 70-80 percent of asthma sufferers suffer from symptoms at least once in a week with a condition known as nocturnal asthma. This often impairs the quality of the sleep and shows a negative impact on everyday life making it difficult to handle day to day tasks and your work. So, what is nocturnal asthma? […]

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Can GERD or Heartburn Cause Asthma?

Asthma is one of the major respiratory disorders where bronchial tubes become swelled up and expanded due to inflammatory reactions. This creates excessive discomfort in the person, particularly while exhalation. As such there are several causes for the occurrence of asthma in an individual, but the most common one is allergy. Also, there are certain […]

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