Tips for Managing Skin Asthma Symptoms Naturally At Home

If you suffer from irritated skin, or if you’ve ever been affected by irritated skin in the past, you’ll know just how frustrating and uncomfortable the condition can be. The skin is actually the largest organ in the human body, and yes, as odd as that sounds, the skin is classed as an organ. Irritation […]

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Atopic Vs Nonatopic Asthma: The Difference and Best Treatment Options

Atopy or an atopic syndrome is defined as an individual’s tendency to suffer from certain allergic conditions when they get in contact with type of allergens that are usually harmless for others. For an atopic individual (who is hypersensitive to allergens) suffering usually start with skin reactions like eczema which may sometimes accompany conditions such as […]

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Eczema and Asthma: About The Allergy And Connection Between Both

Various studies reveals that eczema, asthma and seasonal allergies are all linked to each other and can cause the other if you have been suffering from one of them. It has been seen that children are more likely to develop eczema when one or both of the parents are suffering from either eczema, asthma, or […]

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