Nebulizer Usage Guide: 7 Basic Steps on How to Operate and Use a Nebulizer Machine Best

There are many devices in the market that is used in breathing treatments. The nebulizer is such kind of a device and is more effective when compared to the other deices used for breathing treatments.

The working principle of the nebulizer is that it changes the liquid medicine inside into a mist. During inhalation or breathing in, this mist goes into your lungs.

The nebulizer consists of four main parts.

  • The first part is a machine that powers the nebulizer.
  • The second part is a tube that acts as a connection between the machine and the medicine container.
  • The third part is the medicine container and in it, the medicine is transformed into a mist. The amount of mist that has to be received can be controlled with the help of a valve that can either decrease or increase the amount of the mist that you receive.
  • The fourth part is a mask or mouthpiece that has to be used to breathe the mist in.

NebulizerThe steps to be followed to use a nebulizer are given below.

Step 1:

Wash the hands using soap & water.

Step 2:

Prepare the machine properly. Place it on any hard surface and see whether the air filter is neat. If the filter is dirty, clean using some cold water and let it get dried naturally. Then plug the machine in.

Step 3:

Prepare medicine properly. If the medicine is mixed before itself, open it and then place it in the medicine container of the nebulizer. If the medicines have to be mixed, then place the correct amounts in the container with the help of a syringe or dropper.

Step 4:

If needed, add saline. It might be required to add salt water or saline water into the container. Buy normal sterile saline from the drugstore. Never use a saline solution that is home made in the nebulizer.

Step 5:

Connect container of medicine to the machine properly.

Step 6:

Attach the mouthpiece or mask to medicine container. Older children and adults can place mouthpiece in the mouth. After placing it properly, inhale and exhale slowly through the mouth until the complete medicine is emptied. If the nebulizer is used to treat infants and children who are younger, you help them by placing the mask on the child’s face. You have to distract the child during treatment in order to avoid him from removing mask.

Step 7:

You can start the treatment by turning the machine on. Keep medicine container in a position that is upright. Towards the end of treatment, tap sides of the container to make sure that even the last drop of medicine is turned into mist. The entire treatment process will require 8 – 10 m. When all medicine gets emptied, the treatment can be stopped as there is no way to get more mist out of the medicine container. At times, the machine will make a sputtering noise indicating that the treatment is completed.

Thus, the breathing treatment process using the nebulizer is so easy and is effective too.

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