How To Avoid Asthma Exacerbation By Using Nebulizer Masks?

An Asthma Exacerbation or an asthma attack both are the same wherein the bronchial tubes of the lungs become suddenly constricted or tightened while reducing the air flow into the lungs. This results in difficulty of breathing for the patient and this condition is called as asthma exacerbation. There are many factors that can act as a trigger to this medical condition and immediate relief through quick and appropriate treatment is necessary for the cessation of its symptoms.

The environment around us has so polluted that the increase in respiratory related problems, lung diseases and asthma conditions have also multiplied in numbers these days. Corticosteroids are medicated inhalable liquids which need to be taken for the treatment of such ailments. This liquid mist is inhaled through an inhaler or a nebulizer.

NebulizerThe latter required a mask for a more effective inhalation by the patient. When prescribed by a doctor, purchase a nebulizer without neglecting its mask which can be very useful in making the medication work more effectively on your lungs. A nebulizer mask is generally used by small children or those adults for whom an inhaler is difficult to be used.

Role of a Nebulizer Mask in Treating Asthma Exacerbation

A nebulizer mask ensures that the liquid mist is completely passed through and is inhaled completely by the patient without any wastage of the medication. There are a lot of patients who find it difficult to inhale these drugs via inhalers and other treatment methods; therefore, a nebulizer mask is the most effective treatment method for them. Therefore it is also recommended by doctors for complete inhalation of the drug by the patient without any wastage. This nebulizer mask streamlines the passage of medicine into the air ducts of the patient which is the most effective way for this medicine to work. Therefore, it gives the patient an immediate relief from the symptoms of asthma exacerbation.

Usually these nebulizer masks are made of rubber material or vinyl material (clear) which has provision for positioning it on the patient’s nose. To hold the mask in its place and for the comfort of the patient, an adjustable strap (elastic) is provided in it.

A nebulizer mask is also important for very young patients, infants suffering from asthma and other lung ailments. A child needs to be assisted to wear this nebulizer mask while he/she is in sitting position. Fitting of the mask is very important for the patient to be able to breathe in the medication effectively. Usually snug masks are used which nowadays come in attractive shapes and colors which make them kid friendly. Straps can be utilized by adults wherein they can take the nebulizer treatment independently without assistance from others.

A nebulizer and its masks should always be properly cleaned and maintained for the hygiene of the patient. It should be rinsed well with the help of water and soap and this should be repeated on each use. Then you should also ensure that all the parts are dried completely before re-usage. A combination of vinegar with water can act as a disinfectant for nebulizer cleaning purposes.

However, emergency can happen without prior notice so it is always recommended to purchase an extra nebulizer mask for such situations.

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