How Does Hand Held Nebulizer Helps Asthma Sufferers?

Hand held nebulizers have transformed the use of asthma drugs and medicine. This device is portable and easy to fit in a pocket or a purse and allows the asthma sufferers to use it anytime anywhere for a better feel.

Being a genetic ailment caused by dust, allergies and environmental factors among kids, men and women, it has severities and even sometimes need hospitalization when the problem becomes severe or out of control.

To keep the asthma in control handheld nebulizers is in use as the best method and indeed efficient to use and feel fresh and energetic.

Preeminent for every asthma sufferer

handheld nebulizers

Now, you may be wondering what this hand held Nebulizer is and how it is used by the asthma patients?

Well, it is a portable machine that creates a mist which helps to breathe and as mentioned, those who are suffering with asthma require artificial breathing device in the form of nebulizer which is more helpful and creates mist to help the long-suffering patient breathe in.

It is advised to keep one always with you to take care of health and keep changing the filters to keep it germ free. You have maintenance method suggested by the manufacturers to follow and make the nebulizer more durable.

Nebulizer machine helps in controlling asthma among sufferers

This is the point that arises in the mind of many people regarding the hand held nebulizer. Before using it, get yourself diagnosed as self medication is not recommended without the advice of the physician.

Being a genetic disease, there is no permanent sure for asthma and only healthy food and medication, including healthy lifestyle is recommended to feel relief from the disease. As you have handheld nebulizers to use, here are the ways to know and use in times of need.

  • Place the device on a flat surface and check whether it is clean or any dirt settled inside to wash with cold water.
  • Mainly, it is best to clean before the use as a safe side and now, place the medicines in it.
  • Switch on the hand held nebulizer and breathe in the mist which is emitted from the device as the inhaled air will decrease the irritation in your windpipe and gives easy breathing.
  • In case, if the device is used for a kid, then make sure the mask is not removed and need to be used with care and under the supervision of any elder with care.
  • Usually, a doubt arises among most of them whether or not a device can be borrowed from any other patient to save money and fulfill the use. It is completely “NO”, as the thin filters in the nebulizer trap the germs and gets transferred to the other patient making the situation more severe and problematic further.

The purpose of using a nebulizer

Nebulizers are the top and leading inhalers to treat allergies and asthmas among kids and other age people. It aerosolizes the prescribed drugs to allow free flow of air in the air passages. It is used as the best preventive gauge against severe reactions and for acute asthma attacks.

As you have got an idea about how to use handheld nebulizer in a safe way, learn to take care of it for being the main a part of oral application in the form of the mouthpiece. Being a machine, store it in dry and dust free place and clean the mouthpiece with alcohol regularly and if not, use hot water to lessen the chance of getting clogged.

Choose the best hand held nebulizer to alleviate breathing problems and keep away all the other machines at a distance and rely on this handheld device to find its benefits at all times to alleviate the symptoms in acute conditions.

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