7 Best Portable HandHeld Nebulizer For Asthma Sufferers Who Travel A Lot

Nebulizers are an essential for asthma patients, but not many know about the history of this path-breaking device. It was in early 1858 when the first powered inhaler i.e. nebulizer was invented.

French scientist Sales-Girons is credited with this mind blowing invention which helped treat Asthma patients. This nebulizer was a rough version which was later in 1864 modified and a new stream driven nebulizer was invented.

As they say, every invention has its imperfections and nebulizer is no different. There were many modifications made to this device till now which helped in making it compact and easier to use.

And today we have the latest handheld ultrasonic wave nebulizer which has made significant changes to the effectiveness of its use in medicine industry.

What Is A Hand Held Nebulizer?

Handheld nebulizer is a portable inhalation device that transforms liquid medication into a fine mist, which can be inhaled deeply into the lungs to get instant relief from various types of respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Portable handheld nebulizers have transformed the use of asthma drugs and medicine to a greater level.

These devices can be used as one of the best methods to keep the attacks of acute asthma and allergies in control by delivering different types of medicines (Albuterol, budesonide, etc) for different patients.

Instead of using air compressor, ultrasonic handheld nebulizers make use of high-frequency ultrasonic waves and vibrations to convert liquid medication into a mist.

As these devices does not use an air compressor, these tend to be small in size as compared to other traditional table top versions. And for this reason these travel nebulizer machine are good to carry while on the go.

7 Best Portable Handheld Nebulizer

When it comes to buying best portable nebulizer for asthma, there are various options available online at sites like Walmart, Amazon and others.

You should however check the portable nebulizer reviews and ratings, before making a final decision so that you can buy the best among the list to cure your condition.

Below we have reviewed the top 7 best-selling travel nebulizer models from which you can choose the one based on your liking.

1- Uniclife Handheld Ultrasonic Inhaler

Uniclife Handheld Inhaler is a compact light weight and pocket size travel nebulizer that can help serve patients at times of urgency.

This Uniclife Handheld Inhaler device is easy to carry, silent to use and offers two working modes (5 and 10-minute treatment) for patients with different requirement. It comes with built-in 500 mAh rechargeable battery which can be used for 60 minutes.

Furthermore this best portable nebulizer for travel device auto shut-off when the treatment is finished making it safe to use for all ages (both kids and adults).

It is recommended to clean the device with hot water after each usage to avoid the clogging of mesh.

2- Feellife Nebulizer/Inhaler Handheld

Feellife is another best nebuliser to buy for asthma patients who are looking for a good hand held portable unit. It works with mesh technology that allows direct inhalation of fine particle 1-5um to the lungs for better & faster relief.

This Feellife travel nebulizer machine is compact, light in weight, quiet in working and comes with a replaceable cup & detachable head for easy cleaning. One–button operation system ensures that you get the best tubeless and cordless operation anywhere and anytime as per your need.

Furthermore there are lithium batteries provided with the device which can be easily recharged via USB. This makes it one of the best portable nebulizer battery operated for asthmatics who travel a lot.

3- VXDAS Air Angel Handheld Vaporizer/Inhaler

VXDAS Air Angel inhaler utilizes the Mesh Technology to convert liquid medication into mist so that the medicine is delivered into the lungs easily and effectively.

This handheld vaporizer/inhaler is easy and safe to use for all ages including kids. As it comes with auto shut off feature you do not need to worry when you kids are operating this home inhaler machine.

The unique feature of this rechargeable travel nebulizer is its unique sleep lamp and music. While letting the music on you can let your children feel relaxed when they are getting nebulized.

Above all, VXDAS Air Angel is a USB enabled battery operated nebulizer device which can be easily recharged with power bank, computer or with power supply head (5.0V 1.0A). While the device can be charged while nebulizing, you are advised not to exceed one hour per charge.

4- Trek S Piston Compressor Nebulizer

This is yet another best nebulizer for adults and kids suffering from respiratory infection and breathing problems. The model is light in weight compact and sleek in design and hence ideal for travel. As it comes with multi-voltage charger that can operate on all voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts, you can easily use it for international travel as well.

Furthermore this Trek S battery operated nebulizer kit comes with mask, chargers (for home and car), and Wave Medical Products (WMP) cup cleaning swab which makes the device convenient to use for all.

The three-year warranty for compressor along with six month warranty for battery, AC adapter and DC adapter is an additional advantage of buying this great portable nebulizer.

5- Yoofor Portable Steam Compressor Inhaler

Yoofor portable steam compressor cool mist inhaler kits for kids & adults is another great nebulizing device which you can carry and use while traveling. This one button operation device is not only convenient to use but also noiseless so that you can enjoy the best treatment quietly.

According to best portable nebulizer reviews, Yoofor portable inhaler kit is one great unit that can suffice the demands of all family members easily.

The device comes with a mouthpiece, a kid mask and an adult mask to inhale the medications. You can choose the one that is most appropriate to use as per the condition of the patient.

The average particles size is below 5um which ensures that the medicine get into the lungs completely without getting absorbed by mouth cavity. This means you can take the medications in a better way to get the fastest relief.

Above all the unit comes with 1 year hassle free warranty which ensures that you are getting the top quality at best price.

6- TTstar Compressor System Cool Mist Inhaler

TTstar Compressor System Cool Mist Inhaler Kit is another best ultrasonic nebulizer for asthma and copd patients. It comes with 5 filters, air tube, adult / child mask, medicine cup, mouthpiece and detailed instruction guide for easy usage.

With one-button operation this TTstar nebulizer kit is easy to use at homes and is safe for all ages. The unit is designed portable and includes 2 storage containers (one for the power cord and the other for all the accessories).

Not only for personal usage, but also this hospital grade nebulizer can be a great gift for family members, friends and relatives. You can give them this device for enjoying the best health for years to come.

7- MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer Nebulizer

MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer Nebulizer can be your best personal device to help relieve all types of respiratory troubles at home easily. Not only from cold, sore throat, cough and flu but also it I most helpful in conditions like laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, and allergies.

The device comes with adjustable filter free steam control with aromatherapy tank. This enables you in controlling the amount of steam your steam vaporizer produces while you enjoy the pleasant aroma fragrance for enhanced healing effect.

Furthermore the stylish looking MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler works quietly and includes soft, flexible mask, extension tube, drain tank and aromatherapy tank, measuring cup and 5 foot power cord for getting easy treatments whenever required.

Besides the above few, brands such as Omron, Technoneb, Aura Hand Held Nebulizer are much popular and can be checked online. These may be available for you based on the location you reside in.


Whichever portable handheld nebulizer you choose for your travel, care that it must not be used without the doctor’s medicinal prescription.

If done so it may deteriorate the condition and may sometimes get you in situations where you need to be dependent on the device all the time for your breathing.

Your doctor is a right person who can prescribe the best medicines that must be added into a nebulizer for getting the relief from the health condition you are suffering with.

How To Use Hand Held Nebulizer?

If you or your family member is suffering from chronic breathing conditions, it is best for you to check how you can use these handheld nebulizing devices at home for getting instant relief.

  • Before you start using your device, check whether the unit is clean or not. If you see any dirt settled inside, clean the device as directed in the instruction manual.
  • Now if you are using the table top version, place the device on a flat surface. Connect the tube to the nebulizer cup and aerosol compressor and turn ON the device to make sure that it is working accurately.
  • Place the handheld mouthpiece or mask (attached with a nebulizer cup) to your face and sit straight to inhale the medicinal mist.

You may check the below video on detailed steps for using your hand held nebulizer safely…

No matter how often you use your nebulizer device, it should be cleaned properly with regular usages to avoid any risk or side effects.

You can use hot water and vinegar to clean the machine and to lessen the chance of getting it clogged, when not in use. After being cleaned, just store it in dry and dust free easy to reach place so that you can make use of it at times of emergency attacks.

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Benefits of Using Handheld Nebulizer

Unlike traditional table top nebulizers for upper respiratory infections, handheld nebulizers are portable and convenient to use.

Some of these are so compact that it can fit easily in a pocket or a purse. Due to its light weight & compact nature, patients can carry it to use it anytime anywhere.

Especially when you are out of your home (like while traveling, shopping, at office, etc) and need to get relief medications for your asthma exacerbation, these devices can be of great help.

Other great advantage of using handheld portable nebulizing device is it does not need an electricity for power supply.

As most of these devices come with rechargeable batteries (or disposable batteries) you can easily use them anywhere you want. Some of these also come with car power adapters which allows you to use and recharge it in cars.

Few additional benefits of using handheld nebulizer are:

Easy to Self Operate: Patients suffering from breathing problems often need to rely on others for getting the inhalation at home. As handheld nebulizer are easy to operate, you can easily operate yourself without the help of anyone at times of emergency asthma attacks.

Alternate to Inhaler: Portable nebulizer is an alternate to metered dose inhaler or MDI which can be used at homes for safe use. In cases where an inhaler is not much effective for a patient, portable nebulizer can be used effectively to deliver bronchodilators and corticosteroids to curb the symptoms of the persisting ailment.

Good for Children: Albuterol handheld nebulizer are much effective for infants as it provides better long term results as compared to inhalers. Children suffering from asthma allergies, wheezing and cough can use it safely whenever they require.

Overall, it is good to know that being a genetic disease, there is no permanent cure for chronic asthma condition.

Only with healthy food, proper medications and healthy lifestyle you can get relief from the disease to lead a panic free life. If you have not yet bought your portable and handy nebulizer, get one now to combat emergency conditions!