Does Fish Oil Helps in Asthma?

Asthma, it’s a nightmare for the people suffering from respiratory disorders due to various factors such as environment pollution, pets etc. Being an asthma patient you will be definitely feel breathing difficulties and searching for proper treatment for getting rid of it.

Now there are many kinds of treatment for Asthma like injections, inhalers, medicines etc for controlling of Asthma.

While taking these treatments some patients may feel side effects such as increased heart beat, headache, feeling of sickness or loathing, vomiting, sudden illness, etc.

Have you ever thought of dieting that helps you in curing Asthma? Do you think that diet will make some changes in an Asthma patient?

Yes, because some foods items will help you to cure the effects of Asthma. Recent researches & studies have discovered the Omega-3 neutralized alkali liquid find in only oily fish commonly either in large silver pink fish (salmon) or in the small fishes (sardines) will be able to cure or control the effects of Asthma.

Currently the researchers have announced about the ability of the fish oil to cure the indication of the disease Asthma among the patients in clinical trials.

Fish oil

Fish Oil : Reliever of Asthma

Medical researchers have found that the fish oil is adding the good working of lungs among the people. This study proved you that when you take fish with your daily diet, surely you can able to less your medicines for Asthma.

It has been proven that the people who are taking fish in their diet have fewer situations to face Asthma. Fish oil is best medicinal treatment for Asthma from the childhood. Consuming fish oil improves the performance of lungs of the sick who is suffering from Asthma.

Effect of Treatment in Clinical Trials

A clinical study was conducted by the professionals about the Asthma including persons who were non-smokers and were suffering from Asthma. In the first month all the patients have taken fish oil tablets which consist of EPA & DHA. In the first month they have seen in improving the level of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in more than half of the patients that proves for a good result.

Further it have also proven that the aboriginal inhabitants of Arctic North America – people mainly known as Eskimo consume more oily diet especially consisting of fat sour in their diet in the way of eating fish. As they take fish in their regular diet it helps them to become healthier and lead a long life. It leads us to a sure assumption that fish oil helps to control the effects of Asthma.

Patients suffering from this disease can surely go for a change in their diet by directly taking fish oil or adding more fish in to their daily diet. If you have asthma problem then, confirm with your physician and bring changes in your diet thereby reduce the intake of medicines for asthma and its side effects. Fish oil serves as a good health supplement take it to lead a healthy life.

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