10 Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Asthma and Sinus Allergies

An ultrasonic diffuser is an electronic device that breaks up the mixture of water & essential oil into infinite micro-particles.

It then diffuses an aromatic fine mist into the air to activate the therapeutic benefits for the users.

Many of these devices are equipped with timer settings as well as the option to experience its soothing light system at night.

Although there are many different ways of diffusing the essential oils in the room, using an electric diffuser is the best popular one which is relatively easier and effective for relieving asthma cough, and allergy symptoms.

These aroma oil diffusers for asthma make use of therapeutic grade essential oils to provide various health benefits, in addition to relieving respiratory issues.

And for this reason, these devices are now getting popular worldwide among customers who are suffering from various health conditions.

If you are interested in knowing more about how these diffuser benefits and what are the best models to buy, check the details below…

10 Best Diffuser for Asthma Reviews

When it comes to buying an ultrasonic diffuser for asthma, it is always a wise idea on your part to seek out expert guidance so that you can get the right device that can serve your purpose to the greatest extent.

Today you can find a wide variety of essential oil diffusers which are designed in a unique way to release the flavor of essential oils.

You just need to be sure that you get the best one according to your asthma and allergy symptoms that can gradually let you relax as you breathe in the aroma-filled air.

For making it easier to buy, we review the ten best models below that are worth checking…

1- InnoGear Wood Grain Diffuser

InnoGear Ultrasonic Diffuser is an awesome asthma diffuser that is easy to arrange in any corner of the room or living space.

Not only it reduces the illness by boosting immunity but it also protects you from allergies caused due to dry polluted air.

It also efficiently dismisses the foul unusual smell around making the environment much pleasing.

Few other exciting features that comes with this InnoGear device are:

  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Available with auto-stop function
  • Consumes less power and is strong in diffusing
  • Presents 7 changing colors while working
  • Effective in killing bacteria, purifying the air and is considered best for home and office

2- Radha Beauty Essential Oil Diffuser

The all-new Radha Beauty diffuser is an excellent model that brings in fresher air and increased moisture content in the atmosphere to relieve you from all types of allergies (like dust, sinus, pollen, pet, skin, etc.).

These are widely in demand for use in bedrooms, offices, café, children’s rooms, etc. Also, it can be carried anywhere and everywhere you travel.

This diffuser doesn’t emit too much noise, therefore, you also get a chance to be relieved of the noise that comes out while the humidifier with aroma diffuser is functioning.

This unit provides effective humidification during dry conditions which prevents cold and flu conditions along with many other health and allergy issues.

3- PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser With Ionizer

PureSpa/Pure Enrichment is one of the most reliable and trustworthy electronic brands which manufactures top-quality diffusers for personal use.

This diffuser model features whisper-like ultrasonic operation and is therefore perfect for use in a nursery, office, spa, yoga studio, or in any room of your home.

It also comes with optional color-changing LED lighting that helps to create a most relaxing ambiance around you. Additionally, its soft night glow and an ionizer feature help lift the mood and relieve stress naturally.

Few additional features include:

  • Diffuses natural essential oil that lasts up to 7 hours in your room
  • Helps in deodorizing the air of strong tobacco, pet odors, and more
  • Creates a comfortable environment for people suffering from cold, congestion, allergies, and asthma

4- URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser

When talking of portable diffusers for asthma, the URPOWER diffuser is the one that cannot be left behind.

With amazing design and innovative technology, this 1000ml large capacity colorful ultrasonic diffuser comes in a portable form that is easy to use anywhere you want.

URPOWER diffuser is easy in functioning and comes with auto color changing mode that is very soothing.

Some of the best features that make this device great to use at home are:

  • Whisper-quiet operation up to 6 continuous hours
  • Water-less auto shut off feature for advanced safety
  • Comes with built-in humidifier with adjustable mist mode

5- Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser with Humidifier

Smiley Daisy Essential Oil Diffuser with built-in humidifier is a portable device that comes with a small size to occupy less space.

As it has auto-changing colors in the form of LED light, it enhances the beauty of the space and presents a romantic and lively environment.

Most importantly this device relives you from all sort of mental disturbance, depression and allergies giving you better sleep at night.

Those who feel to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at work or at home will love to have this sort of humidifier and diffuser.

6- Adorable Smoko Unicorn Diffuser 200ml [Kids Friendly]

Searching for a good aromatherapy diffuser for the baby’s room?

Smoko 200ml Elodie Unicorn Ultrasonic Diffuser is one of the best to install in your kid’s room.

As this unicorn diffuser device also humidifies the room, it is most suitable for getting proper moisture along with a nice aroma.

Key features:

  • An adorable design for kids
  • Multi-colored lights for extra flair
  • Provides a steady stream of long-lasting mist for 6-8 hours

This compact-sized diffuser can be easily carried with you while traveling and is suitable for kids’ rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, etc.

Also, it comes with an auto shut-off timer for 60, 90, and 180 minutes that can be set according to preference.

Stylishly designed in an adorable unicorn-shaped, this Smoko Unicorn diffuser is an ideal device for those who are the fan of unicorn and love the creature.

*Unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

7- Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Vaporizer Kit

Aromatherapy Vaporizer acts as alternative inhaling medicine that provides psychological and physiological benefits from the extracts of herbs and medicinal plants.

Key features:

  • A vaporizer works without water
  • 100% pure essential oil included
  • Plug-in to enjoy the aroma in minutes

Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Vaporizer is a wonderful device that can help you fill your home with scented essential oils within just a few minutes.

The kit comes with an Aromatherapy Vaporizer, 1/2 oz. an aromatherapy blend of 100% pure essential oil and an aromatherapy essential oil booklet.

With all the best natural exotic fragrances you can help your body to relieve anxiety and stress. These are also helpful in treating emotional disorders as well.

With this excellent Vaporizer kit at home, you can not only enhance your lifestyle but also can help your family in living healthier and happier lives naturally.

8- GreenAir Spa Mister Jasmine Flower Diffuser

GreenAir Spa Mister comes with a vase design and embedded jasmine flowers, adds a stylish look to your interiors while dispersing the beneficial effects of organic essential oils into the air.

Key features:

  • 150ml tank capacity
  • Diffuses essential oil for up to 5 hrs
  • Create negative ions to purify the air while diffusing
  • Great to add beauty in a room, bedroom, office, den, or home spa

If you are in search of a good Portable GreenAir Aromatherapy Diffuser with good amazing features then this proves to be the best to satisfy your needs.

This comes with the ultrasonic technology of converting the aroma oil to purify and enhance the air quality with a fine mist of humidified and aromatic fresh air.

Besides the above, there are many other GreenAir portable diffuser models available online (with the new ones coming regularly).

GreenAir Spa Mister diffusers are best to make your family and business members happy. Just Grab these best portable one that suits your style.

9- NOW Solutions Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

Key Features:

  • 150 ml Real Bamboo Diffuser
  • 7-14 hours of diffusion based on usage
  • Auto shut off feature for the safety of the device

NOW Solutions Bamboo Diffuser is a high-quality diffuser for people who love using fragrances in their offices or small rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Since this is small and portable you can carry and use it anywhere you want.

The best thing about this NOW diffuser bamboo is its beauty and real bamboo or wooden looks. It, therefore, matches perfectly with your rooms and can be a great addition to any home.

And since it does not cost you much you can also buy one for gifting to your loved one.

10- Samyo 500ml Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Humidifier

Key features:

  • 500ml capacity
  • Auto shut off feature for complete safety
  • 4 Timer settings: 1Hour/2 Hours/ 3Hours/ON

Samyo 500ml Purifier Diffuser Air Humidifier is an ideal all-in-one device that can take care of all your needs with one single gadget.

It uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist of air all around.

With this device, you can choose the color-changing lights by using automatic or manual mode, romantic and warm. if you want, the lights can also be turned off.

Furthermore, the device comes with 2 working modes: Continuous working mode and Intermittent working mode. You can choose the diffusing speed and mode as per your requirement.

Samyo Purifier Diffuser Air Humidifier device works great to increases air moisture for easier breathing.

Also, it helps in relieving allergies like cough, cold, and flu symptoms, including nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, as well as dry skin

Overall, with so many exciting models of aroma diffusers (and essential oils) now available online, you do not have any reason to miss a chance of not owning one for your personal use.

Are Essential Oils Diffusers Safe to Use?

With the latest technology and models coming in the market these days, using diffusers (like ultrasonic cool mist diffusers) at home has become completely safe for asthmatics.

However, you should know about a few dangers of essential oil diffusers, which are commonly seen when people do not use these devices with proper care and knowledge.

Tips for Safe Use

First of all, using a diffuser for diffusing essential oil around children and pets should be completely avoided.

If at all needed, care that you use a very little quantity of diluted oil for babies and animals as they can hardly tolerate the amount which adults can tolerate.

Few other safety measures you need to follow while operating oil diffusers safely include:

  • Avoid using essential oil burners or reed diffuser
  • Use only the latest ultrasonic cool mist diffuser, models
  • Ensure that the diffuser you choose meets the electrical safety standards of your place
  • Do not use the diffuser for long hours (especially when you are using it for the first time)
  • Use distilled water for humidification and wash the device when changing the oils or blends
  • Use only the recommended essential oils (one at a time) for safety and beneficial therapeutic effects
  • Read and follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions properly, provided by the manufacturer

Essential Oil Diffuser: Good Or Bad For Asthma?

Essential oils for breathing difficulties and respiratory congestion are used for decades. This is due to the fact that it helps in reducing the inflammation of the airways caused by asthma and allergies.

Although oil diffusers are found to be relaxing and soothing for most asthmatics, there have been instances when patients suffered from aggravated asthma symptoms when they used these diffusers in their room.

This is attributed to the fact that some of the oils, when diffused, release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) along with terpenes, toluene, and benzene.

Most of these compounds are responsible for breathing difficulties and bronchial hyperresponsiveness in patients (with or without asthma).

Due to the above reasons, it is often recommended that you talk to your doctor before trying these aroma oils and oil diffusers, especially if you are suffering from severe asthma conditions.

Be ensured that if you are using an oil diffuser for asthmatics, you should get only the best recommended oils that are good for asthma and allergies like sinus and dust.

Although you can diffuse most of the oils in the diffuser machine, some thick liquids like patchouli and sandalwood are hard to diffuse.

It may clog the machine if you put them in a diffuser that employs a nebulizer.

What’s The Best Place to Put Your Essential Oil Diffuser?

One of the very first questions for people who want to use an aroma oil diffuser for allergies is what is the perfect place to keep an essential oil diffuser?

Here are 7 tips for you that will help you in getting maximum benefits out of your aroma oil diffuser unit.

1- Use it in your bedroom

Undoubtedly, you spend your maximum time in your bedroom and it is one place where your mood and health get highly affected.

Using a diffuser can be of great help in your bedroom. It keeps the air fresh and eases your health issues.

If you have a problem sleeping at night, use chamomile and lavender to get the best results on your sleeping patterns.

2- Use one in your bathroom

Keeping a reed diffuser in your bathroom is certainly a great idea to eliminate all the foul smells.

It will help you get rid of using all types of synthetic fresheners. If you want to place it there, you can use lemon, lavender, or cedar scents for the bathroom.

3- Keep it in the center of the living room

A lot of essential oil diffusers produce a fragrance that goes up and sideways when released.

Hence, it will be effective to place the diffuser, somewhere in the center of the living room.

If you place it somewhere in the corner, then the diffused scent will be stronger in that part and will not make it to the full room.

The diffused particles mix in the air and get dispersed evenly and if it is kept in the side, then the smell will never reach the other corner.

4- Place it below the eye level

A diffuser will spread the essential oil in a liberal manner in every direction. You certainly don’t want to keep it on a high shelf and run all day.

Even if your diffuser mist is very high, it will settle more rather than going up.

It means the right place to keep your diffuser is below eye level so that you can smell all the diffused oil.

5- Do not use it in fan or sunlight

Placing the diffuser in direct sunlight lowers the efficacy of the essential oils as it may cause extreme condensation which may occur inside the water reservoir.

Hence, you should avoid placing it under direct sunlight.

Similarly, don’t put it in under fan. Originally, the diffuser doesn’t mist anyone directly, but when you put it under a fan, the mist may accidentally go directly on someone.

6- Avoid placing it on the hazard zones

Do not keep the diffuser at such places where they can be easily knocked over or are within the reach of the kids.

It is bad if they hit it and spill the water all around and also the diluted oil can spill on them, which is not good.

Also, avoid keeping it at places where your pets stay.

7- Consider the smell of your house

Does a specific part of your house smell really bad?

Well, if it is so, then you should set your diffuser near this location only.

Once the diffuser runs, all foul smells will get eliminated by the smell of these oils and you will love those areas too.

Essential Oil Diffuser Vs Humidifier: Which One To Choose?

The reason to install a good essential oil diffuser is quite straightforward – these are meant to let you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by using pure essential oils.

These are generally made up of ceramic, glass, or metal and can work differently with electricity or by heating/ burning methods.

If you desire to live in a healthy, hygienic, and allergy-free place that also smells fresh and aromatic, you essentially need to get a good aroma oil diffuser.

Room humidifiers, on the other hand, are designed to improve your health in dry seasons by humidifying the air.

Dry air in summers and extreme winters can create HAVOC on the human body, causing several allergy symptoms.

By having a room humidifier in your home not only you can control the humidity levels but also the allergies and dry skin problems due to less moisture content in the air.

You will be glad to know that there are devices now available in the market that offer the benefits of humidifiers along with diffusers.

You can consider getting these at an additional cost if you feel like enhancing the humidity levels of the air around you while scenting the environment.

These types of essential oil diffuser humidifier combo machines spread a humidified mist of air with essential oils which are best for healing various health problems.

If your kids are allergic to nebulizers then it is good to use a diffuser and humidifier combo as it holds a small amount of water to maintain the room temperature and act as a humidifier as well.

Also, as these combo devices work without heating the essential oils, they keep all the therapeutic benefits of the oil intact.

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