Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma: Best Remedies and Medicines

Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest kind of medicine that has been practiced since the olden days. This medication has its roots in the Sanskritic literature.

The origin of Ayurveda can be traced back to the Vedas, where the details regarding this alternative medicine therapy are found in the Atharvaveda.

The Charaka Samhita focuses on internal medicine, and Sushrutasamhita focuses on surgery.

The Ayurvedic pattern of medicines has been successfully tried in India for hundreds of years as saints have been dependent on this medication pattern for quite a long time.

And as the beautiful positive effects of this type of medicine have played wonders among people for ages, today Ayurveda as such has spread not only in India but also across the countries of Tibet, Mongolia, China, Korea as well as Sri Lanka.

Even recently, Ayurveda medicines and treatment options have emerged to be quite crucial in western countries as well.

Why Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma?

In ayurvedic terms, asthma means “swas-rog,” which usually affects the respiratory system, with the effect of “dosha” – Kapha, pitta, or vata.

Today due to the growing demand for organic medicines and herbal cures, there have been many developments concerning this medication process. People have gained enough access to get these medicines free of cost or at a meager cost.

And in the long run, Ayurvedic medicinal systems and treatments have been widely adopted by people who prefer alternative medicinal therapy.

The side effects are negligible as compared to other medicines like herbs, and herbal roots are the main components of this kind of medicine.

According to Ayurveda.MD Ayurvedic treatment for asthma generally includes two strategies, these are:

Purification therapies: This is further categorized into therapies such as Oleation and Fomentation Procedures, Laxative Procedure, and Therapeutic Vomiting Procedure.

After these procedures have been completed, the patient is provided with herbal therapies and medications.

Herbal therapies: This generally includes the treatment procedure using the natural herbs (such as Elecampane, Thyme, Black Pepper, Flaxseed, Ginger, Manna, Myrrh, and many more) provided to us by mother nature.

Experts prepare various types of medicines and herbal concoctions in the field to relieve asthma symptoms without any side effects.

Besides these therapies, Ayurveda also focuses on treating the inner self with the help of lifestyle changes which can be done by changing the diet, exercising, sleeping, habits, and other life patterns.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Asthma

Besides curing many health conditions, Ayurveda and its herbal Ayurvedic medicines have played an essential role in curing asthma and many other breathing problems in adults and children.

The Ayurvedic medicines for asthma treatment assumed their importance from time immemorial.

The medical specialists in the king’s kingdom used to play an essential role in the then society. The different elements of nature have an important role to play in the preparation of Ayurvedic medications for asthma.

In India, companies such as Patanjali and Himalaya are pretty popular in supplying herbal medicines for asthma treatment.

One can check more about these ayurvedic medicines online before buying any.

The practitioners of medicine are not only specialists of medicinal importance but contribute to the holistic development of people.

Although there is no permanent cure for asthma in Ayurveda, physical fitness, as well as yoga exercises, when combined with the Ayurvedic medicines, prove to be beneficial for most people suffering from asthma and similar conditions such as bronchial problems.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Asthma To Try At Home

Ayurvedic home remedies for asthma are again much popular and are quite beneficial due to their low chances of any side effects.

As asthma attack is usually triggered by allergic reactions to irritants such as dust particles, smoke, pollen, etc., it is very much crucial that an individual suffering from these problems should stay away from such unhealthy and unhygienic conditions.

Also, trying devices such as humidifiers and vaporizers in your room/home are advised to maintain the best environmental conditions to soothe your senses and breathing.

Some of the best home remedies that can be tried out for relieving the problems of an asthma attack are:

  • Ginger tea mixed with crushed garlic cloves
  • A glass of milk mixed with turmeric powder and freshly grated ginger
  • A cup of tea made with half a teaspoon of licorice and half a teaspoon of ginger

Besides these ayurvedic herbal home remedies, there are many more which can be tried out. You can surf online to get some more suggestions according to your requirement.

Ensure that whatever remedy you plan to try, you should not forget to consult your doctor before trying them out.