Asthma and Diabetes: What’s the Connection?

More than 300 million people globally suffer with Asthma and are living with diabetes. Before discussing about the connection between Asthma and Diabetes, let us go throughout each condition in detail.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a lung ailment which causes an individual’s airway to narrow. Basically, airways are the passage from where the air gets in and gets out of the lungs. As per the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, an asthma stroke to an individual can make the breathing situation tough and can cause wheezing, coughing and even chest tightening any time. If the condition is not treated at the right time and in a right way, then it may prove to be dangerous and risky.

What is Diabetes?

As per the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes is a group of ailment distinguished by high blood levels which result from imperfections in the individual’s body and lack of capability to produce or use insulin from the body.

Basically, a person who suffers with diabetes can’t use or create insulin, which is helpful to control the blood sugar levels. When the sugar level in blood is high, then it may happen different symptoms like:

  • Unusual thirst
  • Extreme hunger
  • Severe Tiredness
  • Strange weight loss
  • Frequent urination
  • Blurry vision
  • Gum, skin or bladder infection
  • Frequent infections
  • Cuts or bruises which are difficult to heal.

Asthma and Diabetes

Are Asthma and Diabetes Connected?

As you have understood the causes and conditions of Asthma and Diabetes, let us give a look towards the connection between the two.

Generally, people with diabetes have higher rates of asthma and sometimes it becomes tough to balance the blood sugar levels and keep it under control.

It has been found by the researches that people with poorly controlled diabetes are more prone to the weak functioning of lungs than those who have balanced and well controlled diabetes. Those who have asthma are at higher risk to develop diabetes and need to be cautious all the time.

Can diabetes and obesity make the asthma more complicated?

Obesity is the most severe problem today in the US. It is known that those who are obese are more prone to cause diabetes and other diseases. But studies mentioned that Obesity can cause chronic inflammation throughout the body and in such situation, asthma becomes more complicated. It is because Asthma is caused by the inflammation in the lungs and inflammation from obesity can make the condition more severe as well. Eating unhealthy diet causes obesity and excess weight make asthma worse.

Even a pregnant woman’s poor diet can increase the risk of asthma to the unborn child.  It is essential to eat lots of fruits, fish and vegetables, which help to prevent obesity and asthma. If you are not obese, then eating the right diet is important to keep control on your Asthma as our bodies require minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which help lungs to stay healthy and good in condition to breathe.

Obese people suffering with asthma need to follow the treatment guidelines and must include exercise and weight management programs. It is reported that those who have lost weight have fewer symptoms of asthma and require less medicines and feels an improvement in quality of life.

Controlling the asthma and diabetes conditions

If you have diabetes and asthma, then you need to learn the ways to control and lead a better life. The main thing is to consult a physician and create a medical treatment with tips which proves to be of great help to control asthma and diabetes together.

Asthma controlling tips:

  • Keeps away your pets at a distance as it may cause asthma attacks.
  • Eat foods which have omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, sardines and salmon.
  • Avoid omega 6 fatty acids and trans fats.
  • Maintain a healthy weight as asthma and diabetes go hand in hand.

Diabetes controlling tips:

  • Eat healthy foods, lean meats, dry beans and peas, chicken without skin, skimmed milk, whole grains, cheese and vegetables.
  • Eat foods which have less consistency of salt and fat.
  • Eat fiber foods like breads, rice, pasta and whole grain cereals.

For sure, after following all the guidelines, tips, you are going to feel a change in health and improvement in Diabetes and Asthma.

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