My name is Maria and I live in California with my daughter. I am a single mom and a Yoga teacher by profession.

I love spending time with my daughter when I am not teaching yoga to my students.

NewToAsthma.com is a dedicated website where I try to provide useful information on health conditions like asthma and allergies.

I am myself suffering from breathing problems for the past few years. And I believe that the problem is not completely curable whatever the case is.

However with some lifestyle changes and natural remedies we can easily cope up with the problem in long run.

With the help of my site here, I love to share some useful information about asthma and other breathing problems along with the reviews on the best things that can help.

I hope people suffering from similar conditions will find these tips and reviews useful.

Although I have good knowledge about medical science and home remedies, my site and the content here are not meant to replace any professional knowledge or guidance.

I write and try to update the content regularly, which is meant for informational use only.

I request you to please get in touch with your doctor or health care provider before trying any remedies or products mentioned here on my site.

In case, you have any questions related to this site, please feel free to get in contact with me here.