What Is Asthma: A Detailed Overview and What Can Help?

Asthma is a genetic disease that is most caused by dust or other environmental factors. Men, woman and kids who are exposed to dust or have a hereditary history are more accessible to this disease. There are two types of asthma namely atopic and non-atopic. Both types have its share of severities and sometimes patients even need hospitalization. Doctors usually diagnose this problem with basic symptoms.

Some of the Basic Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma patients usually show basic symptoms by which the disease can be detectable. Sometimes the disease is detected at early state and sometimes it goes undetected because of ignorance. Parents must take extreme care before the condition gets worse. Parents must immediately consult doctors if they see their child suffering from basic asthmatic symptoms.

  • Coughing
  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Wheezing etc.

Children suffering from asthma usually get tired easily. If you see you child lazy then it is time to visit a doctor. It is best to explain to you doctor what you noticed so that with few tests he can analyze the condition.

Asthma problem


Parents who are suffering from this disease must keep the home dust free and avoid places where there is dust or any other thing which can cause you breathing problems. Keeping the home clean will help the kids stay away from the tendency of this disease. Parents should also keep their surroundings clean and children suffering from this disease must not be allowed to play in those dusty playgrounds. Sometimes indulging in high intensity sports activities like football or volleyball can be vigorous and fatal.

Parents must take extreme care of their naughty kids who always want things done their way and with this disease they get irritated. Patience is the ultimate thing that can help parents in such situations. Parents must make their kids understand your and their problems till they grow up and understand themselves. Their mind should be diverted towards other games which do not require more energy.

Board games are the best options and you can yourself take some time to play with your kid. This will keep your child’s mind busy and at the same time develop the bond that you both share. With patience you can also use some medication. There are many home remedies that can keep your Asthma attacks under control.

Best known Treatment and Home Remedies to Tackle Asthma

Asthma being a genetic disorder has no permanent cure. People suffering from this disorder will have to stay with it for rest of their lives, but there are some methods which if followed effectively can help in maintaining and leading a better life with Asthma.

  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Figs
  • Coffee
  • Mustard Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil

One of the best and most effective home remedy to treat asthma include: Ginger. Yes, this naturally available product is one of the best treatments for asthma patients. Researchers have discovered that ginger roots have components that can broaden the airway by reducing airway inflammation.

Ginger can be combined with some other juices so that it becomes tastier. If your child fusses, try mixing it with pomegranate juice with a dash of honey in it. Ginger can be crushed and boiled in water and the mixture can be stored and consumed over a period to detoxify your lungs and body.

Garlic is another ingredient that is easily available and is effective in treating Asthma. Garlic has proved its efficiency in clearing lung congestion in asthma and non asthma patients. You might have heard your grand mom say this to you always, but you might have ignored it saying garlic smells bad.

But, now it is time to accept what she said. Eating few garlic cloves daily will detoxify your body. Asthma patients can boil around 10 cloves of garlic in milk and drink the cooled solution once daily and it will surely help you get over your asthma in longer run.

Figs, coffee, mustard oil and eucalyptus oil are other home remedies that can be included in your daily diet along with nebulizers. These ingredients are not too costly and would be easily available in your kitchen. Use these ingredients in your diet and see the difference it makes to your body. With these you’ll feel more energetic and fresh.

Nebulizer for Asthma Treatment

Nebulizers are the method that doctors prescribe and it is indeed efficient. Nebulizers come in different sizes and shapes and some are so handy that they fit into the pockets. Along with nebulizers people can cultivate some healthy home remedies.


By now you must be wondering what a nebulizer is. Actually, nebulizer is a portable machine which creates a mist which further helps breathing in asthma patients. As mentioned, asthma patients have narrow airways that further contract by inflammation and makes it extremely difficult to breathe at times.

Sometimes the condition gets so worse that the patient sometime loses his life if he is not put on an artificial breathing device. An asthma nebulizer will help create a mist of medicine which will help the patient breath in. The medicines in the mist will lessen the inflammation and facilitate proper functioning of the lungs. There are many nebulizers available in the market. Some of the best sold nebulizers include:

  • Portable Nebulizer: As the name suggests, portable nebulizers are those which can be carried in your pockets. These nebulizer run on batteries and one of the most economical nebulizer that is available in the industry. These portable nebulizers are for those who get frequent asthma attacks or for those who are at the risk of getting more asthma attacks. People who are into high powered job that require straining body or kids need this device.
  • Tabletop Nebulizer: These nebulizers are much like portable nebulizers, but cannot be carried in pockets. These run on electricity and can be used at home or office. These are as effective as other nebulizers and are not too costly. You can get it connected with the electricity and use it as and when you wish to or as prescribed by the doctor. Make sure that your tabletop nebulizer is cleaned before using it. Any foreign particle inside the nebulizer will directly travel to your lungs along with the vapor and make the condition worse.
  • Hand Held Nebulizer: This type of nebulizer is a must for all asthma patients. This actually is more like an inhaler. Doctors prescribe pressers which must be pressed into the inlet and the outlet must be inserted into the mouth of the patient. The medicine them travel directly to the lungs and helps in easing it. The relief is instant. People who have acute asthmatic problems usually have it in their pockets.
  • Ultrasonic Nebulizer Device: This is an ultra-modern nebulizer which is designed for people with acute asthma symptoms. This nebulizer can help children who cannot operate other types of nebulizers get instant relief from the lung congestion.

History about Nebulizer Technology

Nebulizers are an essential for asthma patients, but mot many know about the history of this path-breaking device. It was in early 1858 when the first powered inhaler i.e. nebulizer was invented. French scientist Sales Girons is credited with this mind blowing invention which helped treat Asthma patients.

This nebulizer was a rough version which was later in 1864 modified and a new stream driven nebulizer was invented. As they say, every invention has its imperfections and nebulizer is no different. There were many modifications made to this device and today we have the latest ultrasonic wave nebulizer which has changed the medicine industry.

People who are using nebulizers must care that it is in good working condition. It sometimes happens that we keep the nebulizers somewhere and forget it, over a period of time dust settles on these nebulizers and that transfers to lungs making the condition worse.

It is best to keep the nebulizers in cool dry place away from dust. It must also be taken care of that it is easily reachable when you need them. Nebulizers like other electronic device need maintenance and care. It should not happen that when you need it your nebulizer is jammed. Keep changing the filters of your nebulizers to keep the germs away. There are many companies that offer maintenance for your nebulizers.

How Nebulizer Machine Can Help In Controlling Asthma?

This is one question which is frequently asked by patients suffering from asthma. Patients must take care that they should not self-medicate themselves. Self-medication is hazardous to health and only a prescribed medical practitioner can gauge the intensity of the disease and prescribe medication accordingly. A doctor first diagnoses the problem and then studies the family history before prescribing a medication or a nebulizer.

It is very important to follow the medication or the tests that is prescribed by the doctor. Being a genetic disease, asthma cannot have a permanent cure, but as mentioned, if medication and healthy food and lifestyle habits are followed, asthma can be suppressed. Doctors say this again and again that medicines should not be consumed without consulting doctors and it is same for nebulizers.

You can consult your physician and he will prescribe you a nebulizer after gauging the intensity of your disease. Parents of asthmatic children’s must take care that the kids take their medicines on time and inhale the inhalation prescribed to shoo the unwanted untimely attacks.

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How to Use a Nebulizer Machine?

This is another question for which patients usually ask answers. Every nebulizer is different, but the procedures to use all are almost same. We’ll explain to you the usage of table top nebulizer. Firstly a patient or a caretaker who is administering the medication must wash his/her hands to make it germ free.

The nebulizer must be placed on an even surface and checked if it is clean and if you find dirt particles it is advised to wash it clean with cold water. Actually, it is best to wash the nebulizer before every use and this practice is recommended by doctors to be on a safer side. After it is clean, dry it and place the medicines prescribed by your doctor in it.

After you switch on the nebulizer make sure you breathe in the air that is emitted from it. This air will reduce the inflammation in the wind pipe and facilitate easy breathing. If the patient is a kid, make sure he/she is not removing the mask. With children, much care must be taken. Parents must make sure that their child doesn’t cry as then the purpose would not be served. Kids can be distracted towards a book or toy to help them receive the treatment.

Patients usually ask if they can borrow a nebulizer from a friend or buy a used one to reduce the cost, but we would give it an absolute NO. Nebulizers have thin filters where the germs get trapped and sometimes it gets transferred from one patient to other if not taken proper care. It is best to buy a brand new nebulizer which is petty packed. As mentioned, Nebulizers must not be used without doctor’s prescription.

If done so it may deteriorate the condition and sometimes you get dependent on the system for your breathing. Only a doctor can prescribe the medicines that must be added into a nebulizer. Every patient has different needs and patients must be cautious enough to not use their medicines on their kids. Dosage and the type of medicine differ, so please consult a pediatrician or a doctor before administering a medication.

Asthma patients, especially kids feel low. Parents must keep them busy with work that interests them. They can also indulge in brisk walk sessions to develop their immunity and strength. Parents must take care that they do not overdo it. A healthy diet plan can work wonders in these asthma patients. You can visit a dietician to get the right diet plan with equal amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins in it.

Always remember a healthy body suppresses all diseases including asthma. Follow the advices mentioned and tackle your asthma the right way to lead a good life. Exercise daily and not let asthma stop you from living a happy life.

Do You Need A Prescription for A Nebulizer Machine?

The use of nebulizer is fast increasing. It changes liquid into mist, which helps lungs to inhale the medicinal content. It is primarily effective to deal with asthma medications in small children, infant, and anyone with the difficulty of using an asthma inhaler.

Primarily, you need a prescription before purchasing any nebulizer machine. Without doctor’s prescription, it is restricted to pass any machine or even nebulizer medicine to patients. This rule seems to be a little bit awkward, but it is for the safety of patients.

Truth behind prescribed nebulizer

Either you can procure nebulizer machine after showing your doctor’s prescription, or it can be dispensed from the office of a registered pediatrician. Most of the time, the doctors administer a breathing treatment at his office. It works as a proof to show your need of a nebulizer.

As this machine deals with core asthma problems, therefore; using it without doctor’s advice can cause some serious problems. Therefore, for the sake of patient’s safety, the medical board has come to the decision of providing nebulizer only after checking on the prescription.

Reasons to check prescription

Even though side effects are rare, but some might take place due to the medicines chosen. Only a doctor will advise you on the best medication. The expert will mention the name on prescription. If you try to get it yourself, you might end up with wrong medication, leading to fatal accidents.

As children use these nebulizers, therefore; pharmaceutical centers will never pass a medicine or machine without checking out the prescription. Some centers might even call up the doctor to confirm.

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