Smoking and Asthma: Is There Any Connection between Two

For decades, the medical practitioners have insisted their patients to give up smoking as it may cause them asthma, bronchitis, cancer of the lungs, tuberculosis, etc. But the mechanism of action of tobacco smoking causing such life threatening is not clear and even few medical practitioners also don’t know how to explain it scientifically to their patients. This article will suffice both to the medical practitioners as well as the general people with valuable information regarding the connection between smoking and asthma. 

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Asthma is one among the several common respiratory disorders where the bronchial tubes will become inflamed due to any cause. The most common cause is allergy. The inflamed bronchial tubes start producing mucus which leads to the origination of cough and phlegm. This heavy mucus plugs along with recurrent cough cause weakness of the muscles governing the respiratory system particularly the bronchial tubes.

The long standing weakness of the bronchial muscles results in constant dilatation of the bronchial tube and due to this the person feels difficulty in breathing particularly during the exhalation phase. The primary clinical feature which the asthmatic patient will obtain during the attack is difficult in exhalation where he/she will struggle to exhale the air from the lungs and because of this atypical wheezing sound will be created. The secondary clinical features are pain in the chest, palpitation, increased carbon dioxide level in the blood, dizziness, etc.

Smoking & Asthma:

In case of tobacco smoking, chronic inhalation of the tobacco smokes stimulates the mucus glands present in the bronchial tubes which leads excessive and constant output of mucus which results in recurrent cough and phlegm formation. In case of continuing smokers, because of the recurrent cough and mucus formation, the respiratory passage gets obstructed and they start the feeling of dyspnea. When the dyspnea occurs, the person will see his/her nearby physician and take some emergency medications to get rid of the issue. This causes suppression of the problem.

Further, smoking of tobacco smokers will eventually end up in the occurrence of bronchial asthma where the muscles of the respiratory system will also be under total trouble to work. This time the person will feel more difficulty in breathing and it also demands mostly to hospitalize him/her instantly.

Emergency Management of Asthma:

The immediate management measure which will be taken out by the medical practitioners in such occasion is providing the artificial ventilation so that the patient can sustain his/her life at that time. Then mild broncho-constrictors will be provided to tight the over dilated bronchial tubes. Then few expectorants, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine drugs will be supplied to reduce the swelling and mucus production in the respiratory passage.

Now you have understood a bit about the connection between smoking and asthma. One more ill-effect which is concealed behind the connection between the smoking and asthma is that, in the case of tobacco smoking, the primary smoker alone is not under risk to get asthma. The hazard is higher even with the passive smokers (the person who inhales the tobacco smokes of the primary smokers). Hence, avoiding tobacco smoking completely is the lone solution to avoid acquiring bronchial asthma.

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