What is the Difference between Reactive Airway Disease and Asthma

Are you suffering from reactive airway disease and asthma? Airway diseases are highly prevalent in the world. Hence, it can be possible that you might get confused between these two diseases. Let’s discuss the difference between reactive airway disease treatment and asthma. There are many people who consider these two diseases same but there is huge difference between these two terms and which must be clear to you.

Sometimes the terms “reactive airway diseasee” and “asthma” are used interchangeably. Reactive airway disease is the general term, for some conditions like allergic reactions, coughing, breathing infections. All these problems are common in children up to 5 years old and all these symptoms of reactive airway disease may or may not be caused by asthma. However, the symptoms and signs might be similar to each other but generally they are different terms.

AsthmaAsthma: A basic problem

Sometimes you must have noticed that your child complaints about their chest hurts or they are not getting proper breathe. If your child is getting chest pain, recurrent cough, tightness of chest, breathing problem, it may have one or more forms of asthma.

Asthma and reactive airway disease are the serious conditions in which the airways in the lungs overreact to certain things. Asthma is the most chronic problem in childhood. Asthma is basically the leading cause of hospitalization for millions of small children. However, asthma is the disease which depends upon various environmental factors such as

  • Diet low in vitamins C
  • Allergen exposure includes dust, cockroach and pet waste and many more environmental allergens which can cause asthma.
  • Perinatal factors which includes poor maternal nutrition, prematurity.

To get more clear description about these two terms, you must know more about reactive airway disease treatment.

Reactive airway disease

Reactive airway disease is also sometimes known as bronchospasm and it is a reversible narrowing of the airways. However, reactive airway disease is not a diagnosis, but used until a more specific diagnosis can be made. It may be possible that the condition lasts more than six months, and then it may be called as asthma.RAD reactive airway diseases can be caused by combination of biology, genetic and off course the environmental factors.

All the signs and symptoms of reactive airway disease which has been discussed above are caused by an increased sensitivity of your airways to certain triggers and further these triggers can cause tightening of muscles and make it difficult to breathe. There are certain risk factors which can increase this disease so you must take care of all these which includes-

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Family history of reactive airway disease.

Know the difference between the two

The basic difference between asthma and reactive airway disease the group of people getting the disease. The patients suffering from asthma show certain diagnostic criteria which are unique. On just single exposure of environment and pollutants person can develop reactive airway disease as compared to asthmatics. In simple words individuals with reactive airway disease are much sensitivity to environmental factors and should take care. Person suffering from the problem should get pulmonary function tests which is important to differentiate between asthma and reactive airway disease.

Reactive airway disease has a huge differential diagnosis and it should not be confused with asthma. People with reactive airway disease experience signs and symptoms 24 hours, while asthma is basically related to allergies. Asthma is diagnosis by the doctors through a variety of lung tests but reactive airway disease does not require as much tests as asthma. Asthma sometimes can be a long life condition which can be very irritating.

Now you must be thinking about the treatments. Are they having same treatment or different? And here is your answer if an individual suffering from reactive airway disease does not usually respond to same treatment that treats asthma.

The most important thing is if you are diagnosed with reactive airway disease, you must identify your triggers so that you can avoid them to prevent symptoms. Well it has been cleared from the above description about these two terms that reactive airway disease and asthma have many differences and prevention of reactive airway disease is much easier than asthma.

Reactive airway diseases are that describes many disorders which include asthma and also other conditions that can present with shortness of breath. So you must consult your doctor first if you notice the symptoms and get best specify treatment according to the condition.

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