Importance of Pediatric Nebulizers

It’s not just adults who get asthma and suffer from its symptoms. Respiratory conditions like asthma can also get to infants and small children. This may lead parents to purchase a pediatric nebulizer for their children.

Nowadays there are a plethora of nebulizers available in the market which can be used for pediatric purposes and which have been designed keeping the comfort and safety of toddlers in mind.

Basically, a pediatric nebulizer mask kit comprises of an air compression system in the form of an electronically operated machine which delivers the medicated liquid into a toddler’s lungs effectively.

The liquid medication is processed in the small machine which has a motor which in turn converts the liquid into a breathable mist or a vapor that can be inhaled easily by an infant.

Pediatric nebulizer masks are used especially for this purpose of inhalation of the medication in a proper way. This inhaled medication acts on the symptoms prevailing in lung diseases like asthma and give relief by widening the tracheal ducts for better respiration.

Given by a doctor’s prescription, a pediatric nebulizer such as Pediatric Aerosol Mask is designed for children and small infants only as they are too small and young for an inhaler to be used on them.

Usually, a pediatric nebulizer is portable in nature and can travel with you in your kid’s diaper bag anywhere and easily. While they are electronic devices, they need not required an AC power supply as they are operated through batteries and come in the size of a regular inhaler.

To make it more attractive for kids, several pharmacological brands which make pediatric nebulizers have started selling them in various shapes like cars, cartoon characters, farm animals etc for children.

The most important aspect that comes as an advantage about a pediatric nebulizer is that it is operable by almost any adult.

There is no special skill required and parents can easily use this device to give the prescribed medication to their children at home. However, there are few steps which a parent or guardian of the child need to follow while giving this nebulizer to a child. These are:

  • Insert the medicated liquid into the machine
  • Assemble rest of the parts around it
  • Bring the mouthpiece or pediatric nebulizer masks to its correct position and fix it
  • Turn on the machine while your child is asked to breath in a normal way until all the liquid medication is evaporated.

It takes roughly ten minutes for the treatment to finish. It is highly recommended that during the ongoing treatment, the child is not left unaccompanied by his/her parent or guardian. Never blow this medication while your child is sleeping because it is necessary for the child to breath in this medicated liquid mist actively.

You should also ensure to buy the nebulizer according to your child’s requirement; that is, whether he/she would like to take this treatment on their bed in a lying position or while being in a sitting position.

Keep the pediatric nebulizer clean and make sure not to forget its cleaning after each use. Also ensure not to neglect the cleaning of pediatric nebulizer masks as your child needs utmost care and hygiene.

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