Can Bronchial Asthma Cause Neck And Shoulder Pain​?

Definitely! The bronchial asthma can cause neck and shoulder pain and in some cases back pain also. You might have the same problems and might be taking it as a symptom of some other additional disease. If you go to the wrong doctor, he might use you in extracting money and tax you with more medicines.

asthma neck pain

So whenever any disease occurs, it is always better to understand its symptoms and this will help you in clearing the confusions.

If you are suffering already from bronchial asthma and have shoulder and neck pain, then this will be because of the main problem – “The bronchial asthma” itself.

Cause of severe pain in the neck and the shoulders

The asthma attacks that come under the ‘Mild’ bronchial asthma category will cause the bigger levels of the neck and the shoulder tensions. Usually people take the aid of inhalers for getting them through worst of the bronchial asthma attacks thinking that this will help them in getting rid of the problem.

Later, they are left with a feeling of being pulled through the hedge in the backward direction. This intense feel of pain can be analyzed technically and the result will show that this is due to the soreness and also tension caused to the neck and shoulders in a large amount. This kind of increased level of tension can be associated with patterns of “fixed inspiration” that will follow one attack of asthma.

Treatments to relieve the pain and soreness and help in bring you back to normalcy

Some special treatments can heal this severe pain on the neck and shoulder that is caused due to the attack of bronchial asthma. Some techniques like the soft tissue ones or specific massages around the neck and shoulders will reduce the soreness caused in the shoulders and neck.

Neck wraps and braces are also available for patients who experiences continuous trouble in their neck and shoulder region. You can check the neck wraps reviews here to get an idea about how these works in reducing the pain.

The other methods that will help in reducing the effect around the pain and shoulders are:

  • Encouragement of the respiration that comes under the category called diaphragmatic respiration that will lose the breathing up in all possible ways.
  • Thoracic cage mobility
  • Sternal inhibition

These methods or techniques will help you in retaining the normalcy back as soon as possible after one mild episode of asthma. So no need of feeling depressed after one attack of the bronchial asthma. Please follow the methods given above and you will definitely feel better for sure. It will be always better to contact a specialist for the treatments than managing at home.

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