Buying An Air Filter for Asthma: What Type Should You Choose?

On a typical day, while we go out on the streets, we intake lot of pollution. This may lead to various kinds of illnesses and allergies. This polluted air gives rise to conditions like asthma, allergies and viral fever.

Due to this reason we have to keep in mind that when we are at home we breathe in fresh and unpolluted air to support our system and keep it free from any kind of infectious diseases.

An air purifier for asthma helps greatly in keeping the air fresh at all times at home keeping you protected from different types of allergies and infections.

While purchasing air purifier which is asthma and allergy friendly, certain factors need to be worked out. The size, the need behind air purification, the impurity level of the air around you, the level of noise produced, its maintenance and much more.

Checking about the type of air filters, is one important thing you should not miss out when buying a good air purifier machine for asthma in your home.

6 Different Types of Air Filters Used In Air Purifiers

​The quality of the air produced from an air purifier is completely based on the quality of the air filter used in it. They help in reducing the allergens that are airborne and ensure that pure, clean and fresh air is produced from it. The six different types of air filters are given below.

1- HEPA Filters

HEPA filter sets standard for the air cleaners and to get classified as one HEPA filter, the filter must capture at the least 99.97% of the pollutants at the 0.3 microns. It captures the particles that are too small to be seen by the eye and are 25 to 50 times lesser in size, than the size visible by human eye. It uses interception, diffusion and inertial impactions for the process of purification.

2- HEGA Filters

HEGA are the High Efficiency Gas Absorber filters. HEGA filters should exhibit the minimum of 99.9% efficiency. They use the “absorber” filtration for filtering out the gases, chemicals and odors. The method of the absorber filtration should be adhering to the specific standards in the designing, building, filling and packaging phases. It must remove even irritants like the dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and bacteria.

3- Activated Carbon Filters

The Activated carbon filters do remove the odors, gases, and the chemical toxins. In this, the carbon or the activated charcoal gets treated with the oxygen for opening up millions of the tiny pores present between carbon atoms. This activated charcoal does adsorb the odorous substances present in the gases or liquids. Term “adsorbing” refers the way pollutants get attached to charcoal by the process of chemical attraction. Large surface area present on the activated charcoal provides it with thousands of pores that aids in trapping more pollutants.

4- Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters do attract pollutants using electrostatic charges for cleaning the air. The electrostatic charges get created by the air pushing through one maze of the prone fibers that are static. The airborne particles get attracted to static charge and thus get captured in filter while passing through the prone fibers. One vacuum cleaner for HEPA or hand wash can help in removing the particles from the filter that got captured in it.

5- Charged Media Filters

The charged media filters utilize the electrostatic energy. The media filter that is made from the synthetic fibers and it is charged through manufacturing process. It retains charge while the time of usage. The charge attracts the airborne particles and gives them one electrostatic charge and traps them within fibers of the conventional filter. These filters costs less, are efficient but gets prevents passage of air when it gets soiled. Then the filter has to be replaced.

6- Systems of Hybrid Air Filtration

The system of Hybrid air filtration maximizes the effectiveness using multiple technologies. The hybrid air purifiers utilize one combination of the filtration methods (mostly those mentioned above) and each filter used add the overall effectiveness and the quality of air purifier.

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HEPA Filter Purifier: The Best Recommended for Asthma and Allergies

High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance shortly termed as HEPA is a kind of air filter that are designed to meet the standards of HEPA. These standards are set by the United States Department of Energy. Such standards are set to ensure that the filters or humidifiers satisfy the criteria and are efficiently produced.

The ultimate aim of setting HEPA filter standards are to ensure that air you breathe in are not polluted in any way. These kinds of purifiers contain a specially designed filter that controls the dust particles and moths before letting air to pass through. Such kind of filter is mainly used in the field of medicine, automobile and in household chores.

The main function of HEPA filters are to control the flow of smallest of the smallest impurity into room. The HEPA filters uses three mechanisms such as Interception, Impaction, and Diffusion to lock the pollutants entering on it fibre.

What is HEPA Filter Purifier and Why These are Considered Best?

HEPA air purifiers are important when it comes to eliminating household pollution. These kinds of filter air purifiers can be used to arrest allergy causing dust, animal dander, moths and other kind of impurities. As HEPA filters follow a standard practice you need not worry about its functioning. Ensure that the filters attached to the purifiers are replaced once in a while.

As mentioned earlier HEPA filters come for both domestic and professional purposes. HEPA facilitated filters are used in the medicinal field to prevent the spread of bacteria and other harmful viruses. The HEPA filters designed for medicinal purpose carries a special layer of high energy ultra violet rays to kill the bacteria and viruses trapped inside the fivers then and there.

HEPA filters are used in airlines to control the spread of pathogens that are capable to reborn and circulate in air. The ultimate use of HEPA filters are on vacuum cleaners. Most cleaners available on market today contain pre-installed filters as part of their filtration process.

These are beneficial for people who are prone to asthma or other such dust allergies. These filters are either washable or non-washable, the washable cleaners are bound to be expensive than the latter.

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